Are you the type of black girl that white guys like on interracial dating websites?

Dating someone from a different ethnic background provides many benefits, and those who opt to date partners away from their own skin color are more likely to be open-minded and without prejudice. Interracial dating allows for two cultures to come together, sharing views, their upbringing and creating an unbreakable bond and a long-lasting relationship.

While most of us would like to be able to say we don’t notice color, many people are innately attracted to one race over another, be it for purely aesthetic reasons or just a love of another culture and the excitement that comes with dating someone new.

For black women who are seeking a white male partner, interracial dating websites can be a great resource for finding like-minded men that you find yourself most attracted to, but with an large amount of users on the web looking for love, can you determine if you’re the type of black girl white guys like?

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The Mind
Many white guys are attracted to black women who are strong-minded, who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it. The modern black woman is a force to be reckoned with, beautiful and bold with a classy touch. While some men can be intimidated by a female boss, others adore them, searching for somebody who is a motivator that they can build a foundation for the rest of their life with.

Many white men in the United States join interracial dating sites and enjoy dating black women because they provide a different perspective on life, offering up viewpoints they perhaps had never thought of. In the same way, a white man can offer this to his black partner. Couples who are willing to delve into their partner’s different way of thinking form the strongest of bonds, based on a mutual respect and understanding of each other. Most of us understand that dating isn’t just about a sexual attraction, we must spend time with people that we can actually converse with, or we’re setting ourselves up for a very dull life. A couple who come from two different backgrounds can form a relationship that will never get boring, and can often lead to some passionate discussions.

The Body
Whether we like to openly admit it or not, we all have our own personal likes and dislikes when it comes to the physical form of a potential partner. Some people would never consider dating outside of their own race, while others recoil at the idea of dating someone who looks just like them and are only interested in interracial dating. Of course, every so often we might meet someone who doesn’t exactly fit our ‘ideal’ partner image but we still feel completely drawn to them regardless, but on the whole, we’re all programmed with some certain individual preferences.
Many white guys are enamored with the curves of a black woman’s body. Science has shown that when men are attracted to a female, they’ll be drawn to their lips when they’re talking – and as many black women are blessed with full, supple lips, who can blame them?

While no-one really knows how the human brain works when it comes to physical attraction based on skin color, just like everything else in life, there are some things that we just know like, and some things we don’t.
Of course, physical attributes vary by individual, and the overall attraction should always depend on whether or not two people ‘click.’ With this being said, the first impression comes from our physical appearance, and rightly or wrongly determines the likelihood of a match in the very beginning.

The Soul
Interracial dating tends to be more common in the younger generations, as the majority of people in these age groups grew up in communities with a high-level of mixed cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This demographic has also grown up with a media who celebrate black music and culture, bridging the gap between the two races who were previously kept separate. White males who grew up in an environment that taught and encouraged racial integration are more likely to grow up and date, marry or procreate with those of a different ethnic background.
Many white guys find themselves drawn to black women on a much deeper level than just looks and personality, and feel somewhat connected to their inner being. The idea of something just ‘feels right’ should never be ignored in a relationship, especially for those that believe in the existence of soul mates.

Some white guys love to date black girls because of the feeling of the ‘unknown’ they get delving into a culture completely opposite of theirs, and this type of guy will seek out black women who are proud of their heritage.While some people love going out, others like staying in. One person’s idea of fun might be rock climbing, while another’s is a 10 mile run. Such differences run throughout the entirety of human nature, and also apply to the type of partner we decide to date. We can’t explain exactly why or how, but we just know.

A connection at this level cannot be forced, but it can be found. Interracial dating sites are designed to help those looking for love to establish this connection based on their own preferences.

Finding Your Match
If you’re ready to dip your toe into the online interracial dating site pool, there are many resources available that can connect you with your ideal partner. is a free site with hundreds of success stories, having helped many single people find The One by concentrating on your personal ethnic preferences.

A mixed-race relationship offers everything from a combination of values and views, strong potential for physical attraction and the very real possibility of a long-lasting and satisfying partnership for everyone. If you’ve been a part of the dating scene for a while but you’re still not meeting people you’re really into, explore the thousands of profiles on and see how easy it can be to find your one true love.