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Interracial People Meet Review 

Interracial People Meet is our top4 choice from Top 5 Interracial Dating Websites we’ve reviewed and wins our No. 4 Choice Award in this category.

“The pricing is one of the most important aspects of a website’s success and therefore should be competitive to attract to new potential users. Unfortunately the owners of the website do not share the same mind set, the site’s subscription fee is at $19.5 per month or $189.95 a year. However, it does offer free trials but the features are limited.”

The interracial dating website has its share of drawbacks; there is no feature of hiding ones age which can be a problematic for those (particularly women) wishing to find a companion that is younger than them. The gender imbalance is also obvious, with there being relatively more male members in comparison to the site’s female members (a ratio of 1.5:1). But by far having to be a paying member even to use the sites basics takes the cake among the chief drawbacks, to add salt to the wound, it has a fairly limited pool of candidates and many profiles of its users remain inactive for months.


FREE MEMBER (free) membership allows access of  the following features on Interracial People Meet:

Users have access to limited features in the basic package, they can read messages given to them but not send them. Searching is easy and with plenty of filters, helps narrow down your options. The site also offers some free tips on dating and has a page where you can share about your success story in finding a partner using the website.

GOLD MEMBER members also receive the following additional benefits:

The interracial dating website offers plenty of top notch features to its members, the unique profile system allows one to create photo albums, share his or her interest and likes for others to see and also drop flirts or messages to those of their liking . They also have the option of limiting the people searching their profile by accessing their safety and privacy options.

 Our Verdict :

“The step by step registration is a breeze and the new users can quickly become accustomed to the website. Finding the right match can be a chore, just like any dating website, and it has its share of pros and cons, but what bothered me was for a site claiming to be a interracial dating website, I only stumbled upon people that were white or black; Latinos and Asians were nowhere to be found, either this was a coincidence or this is the overwhelming demography of the website.”

You should not consider signing up on the website unless you are or want a date that is in the States or maybe plan on moving to the country, as according to the stats on, an overwhelming majority of its visitors (about 96.5 % in fact ) are from U.S.A. The site has pretty decent features but they still do not justify the high subscription fees that are being charged. But by far, the main reason for why one should be recommending this site has to do with its demography.

It is quite uneven, if you are or are interested in someone under the age of 30; do not even consider registering as you will find few others in this age group. And as stated before, apart from those interested in making a relationship with a black or a white individual, the site simply does not have a diverse racial demography. The site should only be considered if you have exhausted your better options in online interracial dating websites but in case you are someone that is only interested in becoming partners with a person that is black, white or perhaps colored, then it could be a well suitable website in this regard. Also be sure to keep in mind the gender imbalance when signing up.

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